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Up to $1500 Savings on a Complete System

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Miller’s Heating and Luxaire are partnering to give you $250 on any furnace or air handler. OR $500 on any furnace or air handler paired with a Luxaire heat pump or air conditioner. This will be in addition to other available rebates (i.e. Clark PUD equipment rebates)

Through the end of the year we are offering an exclusive promotion on all of our Luxaire furnaces and heat pump/furnace systems. There are a limited number of available furnaces, air handlers, and heat pumps available. Luxaire manufactures high quality heating and air conditioning systems in the United States. Each Luxaire manufactured furnace, air handler, or heat pump also includes a 10 year parts and labor warranty without any additional cost to you.


  • MX12B, MX16B, MX20D, MV12B, MV20D, MV16C, MV12D
  • TG9S060, 080, 100, 120
  • TM9V060, 080, 100, 120

Multiple Savings Example ($1500 Savings Example)

Purchase Luxaire Heat Pump system with Luxaire Furnace

  • $500 discount for furnace with heat pump promotion (Luxaire / Miller’s)
  • $250 off new ductwork install promotion (Miller’s)
  • $750 Clark PUD rebate (based on purchase of a qualifying high efficiency system)

Offer Valid While supplies last or through December 31st installation.

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