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Purchasing a Furnace for your Heating System in Hazel Dell, WA

Lennox Furnace

Furnaces play a large role in ensuring you and your family stay warm during those winter months. Here at Miller’s Heating & Air we are here to make sure you are getting the most efficient and reliable furnace that we can find. There are several types of furnaces that can be found here in the United States. The most commonly known is the natural gas furnace, however you will also find an electric furnace, propane furnace, and oil furnace. Here at Millers we offer you brands you can trust that come with their own benefits and advantages. We care about our customers and guarantee your satisfaction.

Guidelines for Purchasing a Furnace
If you are in the market for a new furnace, there are three main features that will affect both price and performance: efficiency, the gas valve, and the blower motor. Typically, furnaces that have a higher performance will also                                                         have a higher price.

  • Efficiency is a big factor that separates low-end furnaces from high-end furnaces. The higher the efficiency means lower energy bills and ultimately more savings for your family.
  • Gas valves are another main feature you’ll find in every furnace. The gas valve determines the amount of gas that will be burned and ultimately the amount of heat that will be generated throughout your home. There are 3 major types of gas valves you need to be aware of.
    • Modulating gas valves: These allow for precision, comfort and ultimate performance
    • Two- Stage valves: Guarantee to give you intermediate levels of performance.
    • Single-Stage valves: Economy friendly model that can create a wide range of temperature changes.
  • Blower Motors the blower motor is what moves the air throughout the home. There are three main kinds of blower motors. There is the Variable motor, ECM motor and the Direct drive. All three have different characteristics.
    • Variable speed: Energy efficient, high performance and top of the line blower motor
    • ECM motor: Power saver technology, middle line blower motor, mid- level performance
    • Direct drive: Standard blower motor, not energy efficient and its at the lower end of performance

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