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Furnace Repair Service and Air Conditioning Repair Service

A furnace repair service or an air conditioning repair service can range from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars. Sometimes it is better to repair your equipment and other times it makes more sense to replace it, but how do you know which is better?

HVAC Repair & AC Service Tips

  1. When you have a heating or cooling problem, first check the thermostat to make sure it has power and is set correctly.
  2. Check to make sure a breaker has tripped or a shutoff switch to the unit has been turned off.
  3. If the airflow seems reduced, check the filter. A clogged filter will block airflow and put additional stress on your system.
  4. HVAC systems need regular service and upkeep from a specialist just like your automobile. Set-up a regular semi-annual AC service inspection and service of your systems to keep them in good operating order.

Repair vs Replacement

Age of equipment, cost of repair, and efficiency are factors you should consider when faced with a furnace repair or air conditioning repair. Generally speaking if your furnace or AC is 12 years or younger you should lean more toward the repair side. 12-15 years is considered the grey area where you could go either way. 15 years or more is when you should consider replacing.

When facing an expensive HVAC repair consider:

  • How much will the repair be?
  • How much would a new unit cost?
  • How much would it save me monthly on utility bills with a new unit?

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