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Trane HVAC Service by Miller's Heating & Air

XB13 single-stage heating and cooling system

Trane is a well-known heating and air conditioning brand that has been an established through years of providing reliable equipment. Trane is a brand that is one of the most popular heat pump brands on the market currently. Started in 1885 by a Norwegian immigrant and built on innovation and quality products, Trane has continued to be one of the favorites for heating and cooling. Trane acquired the GE heating and Air conditioning division in 1982 and developed the modern Trane units that we see today based off of those early designs with efficiency and better heating and cooling capabilities.

Trane HVAC Service

We perform manufacturer warranty repairs, parts repairs, service, and routine maintenance on all Trane heat pumps and air conditioners. Our certified service technicians take pride in their work and are trained to repair, service, and maintain your Trane system to ensure that it runs with precision and efficiency for its complete lifetime. Miller’s also offers yearly routine maintenance to tune up your Trane system and make sure that during extreme temperatures your system will still run cleanly and efficiently without breaking down or quitting and leaving you too hot or freezing.

Heat Pump Models Include but are not limited to:

Gas Furnaces include but are not limited to:
XB80, XR80, XT80, XL80, XV80, XC80
XR95, XT95, XL95, XV95, XC95m

Air Handler models include but are not limited to:
All Hyperion Series
All TEM series
And All XB series

Air Conditioner Models include but are not limited to:
XB, XR, XL, and XV series models