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HVAC System Rebate and HVAC Tax IncentiveHVAC System Rebates, HVAC Tax Incentives and Energy Efficiency

A new high efficiency heating and cooling system could qualify for a HVAC system rebate and HVAC tax incentive. We make sure when you purchase a new HVAC system from us, that you receive every possible incentive available you are eligible for.

  • HVAC Tax Incentives & Credits

    • The federal and state government encourage consumers to purchase energy efficient products by granting tax credits and other incentives like rebates. These are great programs that can help new HVAC equipment become affordable.

  • HVAC System Rebates

    • Manufacturers like Lennox and Luxaire encourage consumers to purchase new equipment by giving away prizes, rebates, and other financial incentives. Keep an eye out for seasonal promotions on high end equipment. These offers can sweeten the pot and make a good purchase a great one.

  • Financial & Cash Incentives

    • Non-profit institutions like Energy Trust also incentivize consumers to go the energy efficient route. This institution offers Washington and Oregon residents financial incentives on energy efficient HVAC products.

  • Dealer Promotions

    • Miller’s also encourages new system purchases by running promotions on new systems. We sometimes include and give away additional services and accessories when homeowners purchase new hvac equipment.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is one of the biggest benefits you can receive by upgrading your home’s heating and cooling system. In today’s day and age, the HVAC market offers amazing energy efficient products with efficiency ratings that have never been seen before.

Energy Star is an institution devoted to energy efficiency. Energy Star will trademark an hvac product an Energy Star qualified product only if it meets the efficiency requirements created by the US Environmental Protection Agency. When you choose an Energy Star product you are choosing to protect both your energy bill and the environment.

We carry a wide array of Energy Star qualified products. This includes Lennox products like the XP25 heat pump and Luxaire’s HL8B heat pump that are apart of the Most Efficient Energy Star qualified products of 2013.

Heat pumps can be differentiated by their many features. One important feature that differentiates these products is efficiency. Heat pumps have two different kinds of efficiency ratings, heating and cooling. Heating efficiency is measure by HSPF and cooling efficiency is measured by SEER.

Furnaces are also differentiated by efficiency. Gas furnaces are measured by heating efficiency known as AFUE percentage.

  • SEER

    • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

    • SEER ratings: 13.0 – 27.0

    • Federal Government SEER minimal requirement: 13 SEER

  • HSPF

    • Heating Seasonal Performance Factor

    • HSPF ratings: 8.0 – 11.0

    • Federal Government SEER minimal requirement: 8.0 HSPF

  • AFUE

    • Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency

    • AFUE percentage: 80% – 99%

    • Federal Government AFUE minimal requirement: 80% AFUE

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