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annual maintenance planThe best way to be confident that you will have consistent temperatures, energy savings, and a fully functioning system is to complete your preventative maintenance. The last thing any of us wants is for our Air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace to quit working on the first heat wave of the summer or the first frost of winter and we are trying co huddle up in blankets or turn on every little fan we may have. Instead of waiting till the last minute when everyone else is trying to get their system back up and running, save yourself the stress and worry by having a smooth running and perfectly maintained and conditioned A/C, Heat Pump, and Furnace.

In addition to peace of mind, preventative maintenance will lengthen the life of your system.
Annual maintenance can double the normal expected lifespan of your system and make sure that it is running at full capacity and continued efficiency for its complete life. Prevent unexpected breakdowns –a consistently working system provides reliable heating and cooling year round for the full life of the system.

Another simple preventative maintenance measure is quarterly or biannual filter changes depending on the type of filter that your system requires. It is also possible to upgrade your filter so that you can change it less often. This is probably the easiest preventative measure that you can do for your system. Filter changes paired with annual maintenance will guarantee that your system will run at the highest performance for an extended lifetime.

Miller’s offers annual Maintenance tune-ups, Service, filter discounts and rebates for our customers through our annual maintenance plan.