Ductless mini-split systems are the fastest growing products in the American HVAC market. Why has it become so popular? Ductless systems are an advanced technology that are up to 40% more efficient than traditional systems, easy to install and can be custom designed for your home. They are a perfect heating and cooling solution for homes without ductwork, older homes, apartments and condos, hot and cold rooms, additions and renovations, enclosed patios, entire home and multi-zone living spaces.

We have found that ductless systems are particularly well suited for older historic homes in Portland. With limited alteration to the structure of the house, it keeps the integrity, beauty, and character of an older home in tact; plus, it’s a cheaper to add a ductless system to a home without ductwork rather than adding a traditional system. Sound can be an important factor to consider especially in an urban setting where homes are closer together. During operation, ductless systems have a sound level as low as 22db, which is as quiet as a whisper. Lastly, with a ductless system it is easy to zone your home so you can easily control the temperature of the rooms you use most, which will also save you money over time.

We carry Mitsubishi, which is the industry leader in ductless systems. Their systems are:

  • Energy Star rated 18-39 seer
  • Quiet as whisper with operation as low as 22db
  • Available from single zone up to eight zone
  • Heat down to -13 degrees
  • Available with smart controls
  • Eligible for up to $1,000 in manufacturer rebates
  • Eligible for up to $800 in utility rebates
  • 12 Year Parts Warranty
  • 12 Year Compressor Warranty


Would a ductless system be a good solution for your home?