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Ductless Heat Pumps are Efficient & Affordable – Portland, OR

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What is a Ductless Mini Split?

Different from a central HVAC a ductless mini split is a zoning system, which means they are perfect for cooling and heating specific area’s of your home. These units are also referred to as a ductless heat pump and a mini split ac.

The ductless mini split gives homeowners a huge advantage since it does not require ductwork which would add an extra cost. It’s not only affordable but also energy efficient. This type of system use’s approximately 25%-50% less energy compared to other heating and  cooling systems.

Also when looking at heating and cooling systems, the ductless mini split is a lot smaller and gives more flexibility in where it can be placed. The indoor units are small and are usually mounted on a wall. The outdoor unit is similar to the size of a large briefcase, which makes it not as noticable as other systems.



What to look for When Purchasing a Mini Split AC or Heat Pump System

Since there are no mini split systems that only provide heating, you will have to choose between a mini split ac and a mini split heat pump.

Due to weather conditions here in Portland, OR and in the Northwest we will almost always recommend purchasing a mini split heat pump. A heat pump is really your best option since you will be only cooling your home a couple months our of the year.

Once you decide whether or not you would like to mini split ac or heat pump, you have to decide how many zones you would like in your home. The basic mini split system is a single zone. Single zones have one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. Outdoor units can hold multiple indoor units.


Why choose Miller’s?

Here at Miller’s Heating & Air we make our customers our priority. We care about you and want to find the heating and cooling system that’s best for you. A ductless system is not ideal for every home, sometimes a central HVAC may be better. Regardless of which system works for you we will be here every step of the way to listen and find what your home needs. Our Comfort Advisors are experts are just a phone call away to discuss your options.


Free Estimate on a ductless heat pump – Portland, OR

Call us today at (360) 524-2880 or fill out a form online and request a free estimate on a new ductless heat pump or mini split ac . We  are proud to be serving Portland, OR and the surrounding areas. Take a look at our service map and zip code list to see if we service your area.

Rebates Available

The Energy Trust of Oregon currently has an $800 rebate that can be applied to a ductless mini split system for Portland residents. Clark PUD is offering a rebate of $750 for 2015 is available to customers who participate in their ductless heat pump Vancouver, WA project. The project targets homes currently heated with cable ceiling heat, baseboard or wall heaters. Call us today to discuss pricing and applicable rebates.