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residential hvac tune-upOur responsibility to you is to make sure that we offer the best service and keep your system up and running. Our Club members enjoy regular a residential HVAC tune-up. To ensure that we fulfill this responsibility to you we created our Comfort Club Maintenance Membership.

Why do 95% of our Club customers consistently renew their memberships?

  • Premium Customer Service,
  • Priority 24-48 hour Service,
  • Free annual maintenance (normally $230)
  • Discounts on any new Equipment you may want to add to your current system
  • Discounts on parts, labor, and additional services,
  • Repairs, duct cleaning, duct sealing, and filters

$39 service (normally $139) if, for any reason, your system does need a repair or is not working like it is supposed to we will give you a $100 (72%) discount on our regular service charge

Annual Maintenance
Annual maintenance can double the normal expected lifespan of your system and make sure that it is running at full capacity and continued efficiency for its complete life. Prevent unexpected breakdowns – consistently working system provides reliable heating and cooling year round for the full life of the system.

Our annual maintenance inspection and Tune-Up includes(warning: this is a long list to read through, but we do a lot when we check out your system):

This is what we include in our residential HVAC tune-up.

Done for all equipment

  1. IAQ/UV Lights
  2. Furnace Panels/Insulation/Hardware
  3. Safety Switch on panel
  4. Power Disconnect
  5. LED Display on Circuit Board
  6. Wiring Connections
  7. Check Blower wheel and Motor Amp
  8. Check Capacitors Rating
  9. Motor Bearings, Note Play
  10. Return Air Ductwork
  11. Supply Air Ductwork
  12. Check Airflow
  13. Temp Rise Heating
  14. Temp Drop Cooling

Electric Furnace

  1. Check sequencer operation
  2. Check Each Strip Heater
  3. Limit Switch
  4. Fan Relay or Circuit board

Gas Furnace

  1. Burners Clean
  2. Orifice Assembly
  3. Pilot Assembly Clean
  4. Check Hot Surface Ignitor
  5. Age of H.S.I.
  6. Check Limit and Safety Switches
  7. Check Gas and Valve Operation
  8. Check Gas Pressure
  9. Check Condensate Drain
  10. Check Condensate Pump
  11. Inducer Motor Amps
  12. Check Capacitor Rating
  13. Check intake and Exhaust Venting

A/C or Heat Pump

  1. Rinse or vacuum Outdoor & Indoor Coil
  2. Check Disconnect
  3. Check Fuses
  4. Check Refrigerant Lines
  5. Check Caps and Valve Cores
  6. Check Refrigerant Pressures
    • Hi-Side Cooling –PSI
    • Lo-Side Cooling-PSI
    • Hi-Side Heating-PSI
    • Lo-Side Heating-PSI
  7. Check Contactor
  8. Age of Contactor
  9. Check Condensate Drain
  10. Check Condensate Pump
  11. Check Outdoor Fan Blade
  12. Check Outdoor Fan motor
  13. Motor Bearing, Note Play
  14. Check Compressor
  15. Check Reversing Valve
  16. Check & Run Defrost
  17. Check Capacitors
  18. Attic Installation Proper Emergency Drain
  19. Check TXV Location Mounting
  20. Check Condition of Coil Fins
  21. Condensing Unit is Level


A Free Safety Inspection is included with our maintenance plans and performed annually.

Furnace Inspection

  1. Check heat exchanger with camera
  2. Thermostat
  3. All electrical components
  4. Check ignition (pilot assembly)
  5. Check for gas leaks
  6. Check CO in home (carbon monoxide)
  7. Check all safety Controls
  8. Gas Flue
  9. Filters (Filter cost is extra)
  10. Test cycle for proper operation
  11. Remove flammables by furnace
  12. Install sticker on furnace


Heat Pump or Air Conditioner Inspection

  1. Check both coils (indoor and Outdoor)
  2. Check coolant levels/Leaks
  3. Thermostat
  4. Check all electrical components
  5. Check electrical contactor
  6. Check strip heat on electrical furnaces
  7. Check filters (filter cost is extra)
  8. Check emergency drain