Mini Split AC Portland VancouverWant AC this summer? Think about installing a Mini Split AC Portland or Vancouver. How about a heat pump that can be used for both heating and cooling? Ductless mini split systems are an affordable solution that can resolve all of your heating and cooling needs.

  • Get Comfortable With a Mini Split AC Portland and Vancouver
    • A new ductless mini split can keep you comfortable all year long. With whisper quiet fan operation and multi-zone capability you will barely notice it running and keep your home comfortable, no matter what side of the house you’re on.
  • Low-Cost, Easy Installation
    • No ductwork? No problem. When you install a new mini split ac in Portland or Vancouver you don’t need ductwork. Go ductless and save with simple low-cost installation.
  • Save Energy and Money
    • If you are using electric resistance heat like wall heaters, ceiling heat, or floor board heaters, you can save big by going with a ductless mini split. Studies have shown that you could save up to 25% on your energy bill and in certain situations home owner’s have cut their monthly energy bill in half!
  • Get Up to $1000 in Utility Rebates
    • Right now, Clark County PUD is offering up to an $1000 Utility Rebate on ductless systems in Vancouver, WA. In Oregon, Energy Trust of Oregon is also offering an $800 Cash Incentive. Go ductless and save today.