indoor air quality ultraviolet lightClean air is essential to a healthy home. This is sometimes referred to as indoor air quality. Airborne bacteria and microbes attribute to colds and flu as well as allergies to pollen and dust. Clean, fresh air also helps cleanse our bodies and helps us stay more focused and energized.

NASA knows the value of clean air that is purified thoroughly for use in the space station and in their shuttles. They developed a system that uses an Ultraviolet light to kill microbes, germs, and bacteria in the air. To get all these contaminates airborne and attracted to the Ultraviolet system, NASA developed an ionization process. During Ionization air is turned into hydrogen peroxide particles that will permeate the air and clean all surfaces including; countertops, door handles, tables, walls, and floors. The Hydrogen Peroxide Particles attract the germs, bacteria, and other pathogens and contaminates in the air and all surfaces and carry them back to the Ultraviolet light to be eliminated. This system works 24/7 and continually cleans and decontaminates leading to a healthier environment and pure air.

The Protector was developed using the same system NASA has been using in space. This small system goes directly into your ductwork and has an Ultraviolet light and Ionization kit built in to kill contaminants and disinfect your home. This system is perfect for improving your indoor air quality by alleviating allergies, preventing colds and flu. If you want to keep your family healthy, consider adding a Protector to your heating and cooling system.