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hvac permits and inspectionsHVAC permits are required for mechanical and electrical installation of your HVAC system. Miller’s Heating & Air will work with your local building permit agency to pull all necessary permits to insure your system is installed according to your local building code. Before contracting to get a new HVAC system from any HVAC company always verify that necessary permits will be pulled for all installations.

Mechanical Permits

Mechanical permits are required for all installs or replacements. The mechanical inspector will come and double check that our installers followed manufacturer procedures and specifications for installing your specific unit. Miller’s will take care of all mechanical permits and fees as well as scheduling inspections. You will receive your permit with your install packet at the time of the install and you will be able to call or email Timothy to schedule your inspection.

Electrical Permits

We partner with licensed electricians in both Oregon and Washington. Electrical inspections are required to ensure that all electrical components are installed correctly and according to code as well as all safety regulations. These electrical contractors will pull the electrical permit and bring it to your house when they come to do the electrical work on your new unit. They will usually leave the permit in your electrical box or hand it to you.

How do I schedule Inspections?

To schedule your mechanical or electrical inspection call our office (360-695-6500) and ask for Timothy or email timothy.mofford@millersheating.com with your name, address, phone number, and preferred inspection date. The inspector will need access to the house, plan ahead to be home or have someone available to let the inspector into the house. If the inspector needs a gate code and lockbox code please provide those when we schedule the inspection so that we can add it in the notes. Please keep in mind that inspections performed by Labor and Industries have a 48 hour window. This means that we can schedule for a specific day but the inspector can show up on the day requested or the day after. For all other permits, the inspector must arrive on the day scheduled. Also, we cannot schedule specific times with any permits, we can request that the inspector arrive before or after a certain time of day but the inspector is not required to adhere to this request. For example, we can schedule an inspection for Tuesday after 1pm or before noon. But we cannot schedule a 10:30 appointment on Tuesday or any other specific time of day. We are given an inspection window that ranges from 8AM-5PM on the date requested. We can always have the inspector call and notify you before they head out to your house.

What to expect when the inspector arrives?

If we requested a phone call before arrival you should get a notification from the inspector when they are on their way. When they arrive they will want to see the permit and any manufacturer installation instructions that may have been included in your install packet. They will need to see the indoor and outdoor units. The visit will usually last less than 30 minutes and this inspector will tell you if you passed or failed at the end of his visit. In some jurisdictions one inspector will do both the mechanical and electrical inspection, otherwise you can expect two separate inspectors: one for mechanical, one for electrical. Once your inspections are approved and completed you are finished and the install is completed.

What happens if I fail Inspection?

If the inspector happens to tell you that you failed inspection, please call Miller’s at 360-695-6500 and let us know that you failed inspection. If possible, tell us what failed and why; the inspector will tell you this information if you fail inspection. We will send a qualified technician to correct whatever the inspector requires. If it is an electrical correction we will contact our electrical contractor and they will correct what the inspector requires. Once we complete all the corrections we can schedule a re-inspection.

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