heating and cooling system holiday tipsDuring this holiday season don’t skimp on gifts, instead, save money by being smart with your heating and cooling system. Enjoy this time with friends and family that you love and stay cozy, healthy, and save money with these tips.

  1. Check your filter often during the holidays, decorations can hold dust from storage, trees can bring in extra dust and particulates and clog up your filter.
  2. Burning those festive candles during the holidays? The smoke from your candles can also make your filter get dirty faster.
  3. If you have a smart thermostat, keep the humidity level on your thermostat a little higher than you usually do to keep your live tree hydrated and prevent it from getting dry and dropping lots of needles.
  4. Lower your thermostat setting if you are entertaining to keep everyone at a comfortable temperature and save on your utility bill.
  5. Also if you are burning a wood stove or fireplace during this season adjust your thermostat so you don’t have the furnace and fireplace heating at full capacity at the same time.
  6. If you will be out of town turn your thermostat down so you aren’t heating your empty home.
  7. If you will be doing lots of baking and cooking your oven will tend to warm up your home as well keeping your thermostat at a lower level can help you save money.

If you have heating and cooling system problems over the holidays, remember Miller’s Heating & Air has 24/7 emergency service to help you get back to your holiday festivities.