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Miller’s is committed to being a sustainable company and offering our customers solutions that are good for the environment, your health, and your budget. Your heating and cooling system works 24/7 to keep you and your loved ones comfortable and healthy, why not help keep it running on sustainable energy with some of our green solutions.

Solar Air Conditioner & Solar Heating

Power your home comfort with solar energy all year round and be rewarded by the state and power company for producing your own power. Not only will you receive rebate and tax incentives because you operate on solar power but you will also get a check from the power company for any power that you produce and do not end up using.

We can install solar panels either mounted on your rooftop or independently mounted in the best location and at the best angle to optimize sunlight and produce the maximum amount of power to your home in any season. With SunSource solar enabled Lennox heat pumps and furnaces, installation and setup of your solar air conditioner and solar heating is made simple and operation is quick and easy.More on solar air conditioners and solar heating

High Efficiency Equipment

High efficiency equipment will save you money on your monthly energy bill and use up to 50% less power than your current system. With heat pumps, ductless systems, and furnaces reaching higher and higher efficiency levels we can almost always guarantee 25% savings compared to your current system.