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Up to $1800 Savings on New Ductless Mini-Split System

Slash your Heating and Cooling Costs and Get Best Rebates and Savings of the Year.

Up To $750 Rebate by Manufacturer,  plus Up to $750 rebates and incentives from utility company, plus $100 per zone up to 3 zones (Miller’s Heating). January 2016 Only.

Offers all the benefits of a conventional ducted heat pump system without needing to install expensive ductwork. You get to enjoy the highest efficiency heat pump system possible with both heating and cooling.

Utility rebates and manufacturer incentives are available. Current utility rebates are $750. Mitsubishi is offering rebates ranging from $150 to $750 based on models purchased. This means you could potentially take $1500 off of the price of your new Ductless heat pumps system. Miller’s Heating is also offering $100 / zone (indoor unit) up to 3. This brings your installation savings to a savings of up to $1800.

Savings don’t stop there. These highly efficient heat pump systems will reduce energy costs by 30-50% based on utility company estimates. This is why Clark PUD is offering these rebates.

Perfect for new additions, houses with electric ceiling, baseboard, or wall heat, and homes with wood stoves. In addition to heating like all of the electric wall and ceiling heaters do, ductless systems will cool your home in the summer as well and save big on your utility bill.

Choose from 3 popular technologically advanced Mitsubishi heat pump systems:

  • Mitsubishi, Industry Leader in Ductless Mini Splits
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