solar solutionsWant to save on your heating and cooling bill by making your system self powered? Look into Solar Solutions for your home. With a solar powered heating and cooling system you will not have to pay any energy costs because the sun will provide all of the energy independent of your utilities company. Solar panels feed energy directly into your heating and cooling system to create an independent system.


Solar solutions: use with heat pumps and furnaces!

Premium Lennox SunSource products offer Heat Pumps and Furnaces that can be fitted to run primarily on solar power. These Heat Pumps and Furnaces will guarantee the best energy efficiency and integration of solar power. With any other brand or product the solar power you generate is sent directly to the utility company which in turn gives you a credit on your utility bill.

Use Solar Energy to power other appliances!

With the Lennox SunSource products you gain many other benefits than just a solar powered system, you can also use the solar energy to run any electric appliances in your house while you are not running your system. As an added bonus, any solar power that you receive from solar solutions in your home is sent to your utility company that could qualify you for a utility bill credit.

Find your solar solution today.