Furnace & Home Heating Holiday SpecialsThe season has begun. We are planning family gatherings, buying presents, pulling out cozy sweaters and drinking peppermint lattes by the fire in an over-sized armchair. Cookies and the classic movies of the season are already out and hangouts movie and friend nights are being planned.

Millers has planned on a way to keep you warm, comfy, and cozy through this time with friends, family, and memories. We have joined with one of our largest heating brands to give you even more savings. Luxaire is an American made brand that has excellent 10 year warranties on parts and labor so you don’t have to ever worry about your heating system.

Through the end of the year Luxaire has agreed to offer any furnace with a $250 rebate. If you need a whole new system with a heat pump and a furnace, Luxaire is offering a $500 rebate. This is the best furnace offer of the year and it keeps a little extra money in your pocket during this season and make your home warm and more efficient than before so you save even on your utility bill. The savings don’t quite end there though you may also qualify for rebates from your Utility District that could give you up to $750 more off a new heat pump and furnace. There are also rebates if you install a furnace in a home that currently only has wall, ceiling, baseboard, or floor heat. Finally, you can pair this promotion with our “We Pay Your Sales Tax” promotion going on during the month of November. More special offers

Enjoy your family, friends, traditions, and activities this season. Stay warm and comfortable no matter if the weather outside is frightful we are here to keep the air inside delightful.