Maria-197x300Maria is what I would like to refer to as a “Miller’s Momma’.” She has been an employee of Dave and Michelle’s for a long time and is like an extension of the family. In fact, she was one of the first original employees of the company. When Maria started working for Dave and Michelle back in 2002, Miller’s and All Phase had not yet merged, therefore back then she was working for All Phase Heating and Cooling. During this time, All Phase’s office was located in the downstairs of the Adam’s home. However, eventually Maria spearheaded the move from the home office into All Phase’s new building located in Hazel Dell.

Just a few years later All Phase joined up with One Hour and became a part of the Clock Work Home Services Family. Shortly after that, they merged with Miller’s. Yes–during her career with Dave and Michelle, Maria went through three business name changes and two different office moves! Not only has she been through a roller coaster of business changes but also a few positional changes of her own. She has been wonder-woman in the office taking on a variety of titles and working in just about every department in the office. Maria has worked as an administrator, dispatcher, lead coordinator, human resources representative, saleswoman, marketing representative, payroll staff member, invoice specialist, worked in both accounts receivable and accounts payable, and has been Dave’s personal assistant for many years. Maria is glad to be back and reunited with some of her old friends and colleagues. We are happy to have Maria return to the office and we look forward to spending the upcoming days with our beloved friend. Welcome Back Maria!