ductless heat pump system

We are almost to the month of August, which means that it’s time for us to share our new monthly special!

For August 2015 we are taking $250 off each zone up to 3 zones on a new ductless heat pump system. That means you can get $750 off before rebates and incentives from the manufacturer and your utility company. Ductless heat pumps systems or ductless mini splits have quickly become the best option for homeowners looking to install a system that heats and cools their home with better efficiency ratings than a conventional ducted system. Homeowners with electric ceiling, wall, or baseboard heat that do not have ductwork installed in their home find these systems especially attractive because it saves a large amount of money on the initial installation when they do not need to pay for installation of ductwork.

In addition to being a great system for heating and cooling your whole home, Ductless systems are perfect for heating and cooling additions, garages, shops, separate living quarters, and storage sheds. Stay warm or cool in any environment and everywhere you work and play. The other big benefit is that you will save money over your current heater in the winter and your fans and window units in the summer.

Call and schedule an appointment to get complete comfort and low utility bills all year round. Our comfort advisors will come to your home and give you a free no-obligation quote.

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