Ductless Heat Pump

Ductless Heat Pump

Clark County PUD has announced the Ductless Heat Pump Rebate is decreasing from $1,000 to $750 effective March 3, 2014. In order to be eligible for the $1,000 rebate the job must be installed and the NWDHP Contractor Invoice Form, as well as a copy of the sales invoice, must be submitted to the NW Ductless Heat Pump Project by the close of business on Monday, March 3rd.

A ductless mini split is similar to the traditional air source split system with an air handing indoor unit and a compressing outdoor unit. It is called ductless because it does not have duct work and mini split because it is a smaller version of the split system design.

The DHP Rebate program was set up to encourage Clark County residents to switch from electric resistance heat sources like wall heaters, ceiling heat, and floor heaters to a ductless heat pump system. Originally, the DHP program gave a $1,500 incentives to homeowners who participated in the program. However, last year CPUD decreased the rebate amount to $1,000 and they are once again decreasing the amount. Last year, the rebate program opened up to homeowners converting from electric furnace heat to a mini split.

Clark County PUD is not the only PUD in the area that supports these kind of programs. Cowlitz County & Skamania County also participate in the NWDHP Project. Currently both Cowlitz and Skamania County are offering $1,500 rebates on ductless mini split conversions. However, these rebates will be decreasing to $800 on April 1st, 2014.

Here is a summary of the PUD Rebates available in the three counties.

Ductless Mini Split PUD Rebates

  • $1,000 Clark County PUD Rebate
    • $750 after March 3rd, 2014
  • $1,500 Cowlitz County PUD Rebate
    • $800 after April 1st, 2014
  • $1,500 Skamania County PUD Rebate
    • $800 after April 1st, 2014