humidifier A humidifier is a heating and air conditioning system accessory that increases the amount of water vapor present in the atmosphere. In other words, it adds moisture to the air. Homeowner’s sometimes struggle with health complications like dry skin, chapped lips, and nosebleeds. These health problems can often be attributed to dehydration. It is a common understanding that the best way to combat dehydration is by drinking water. However, some individuals cannot seem to keep their body hydrated no matter how much water they drink. In addition, during the winter months the dew point is lowered. Therefore, there is less humidity in the air. As a result, chapped skin and nosebleeds can be a frequent occurrence during the winter.

The heating and air conditioning industry has come up with a solution for this predicament, the humidifier. Basically, it can increase the humidity levels of your home and can potentially help relieve individuals who suffer from dehydration symptoms. There are two basic types of humidifiers: warm air bypass and steam injection. The warm air bypass humidifier is the most common type of humidifier but it can only be used during the winter. Essentially, the warm air bypass humidifier pulls air from the return air. The air is then pulled across a honeycomb surface. This surface is saturated with water and moisture. The air is then saturated and ducted into the supply side. Even though a warm air bypass unit can only be used during the winter, a steam injection unit can be used year round and creates it’s own steam. If you are suffering from dry skin, chapped lips, nosebleeds or think you may benefit from having a humidifier in your home, contact your local HVAC company and discuss the humidifier options for your home.