Summer is just around the corner, which means it is time for springtime maintenance of your heating and cooling systems. Here are our top 7 tips for preparing your HVAC system for summer:

1. Once a month turn on your air conditioner and/or heat pump to keep it in good condition and make sure its functioning properly. Waiting to turn it on during the first heat wave put more stress on your system. Keep in mind that the air in cooling mode may not be very cold until the outside temperature warms up.

2. Change your filters. Depending on the filter type, it will need to be changed once a month, every 6 months or every 12 months.

3. Schedule your annual maintenance to ensure that your system is running at full potential and efficiency.

4. Clean and seal your duct work. If your ducts are cleaned and sealed properly, your system will run more efficiently in the warm months as well as save you money.

5. Get any repairs done now. Getting parts or a technician to your home during the summer is not going to be as fast or as easy as any other time of year. Repair parts can be back ordered or out of stock and technicians usually have a full schedule of customers that are having the same issues you are with your system.

6. Add an air conditioner and/or heat pump to your system in the spring. If you are looking to add cooling to your system, it’s best to do it before summer. Prices may be higher during the summer months and you will probably have to wait at least a few days and up to a couple weeks to have a unit installed. Summer is the busiest season for the heating and cooling industry in the northwest.

7. Enroll in a Maintenance Program. If you do experience issues with your system during the summer, being a World Class Member with Miller’s gives you priority service and at a discounted rate.

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