duct cleaning before and after

Studies have shown that up to 40lbs of dirt is produced in a six bedroom home annually and the levels of some hazardous pollutants in indoor air have been found to be up to 70 times greater than in outdoor air. Your duct system functions as the respiratory system of your home. When it becomes contaminated and congested, it should be cleaned so it can “breathe” normally and efficiently. We recommend that you get your duct work cleaned every 5-7 years. Five benefits of duct cleaning are:

1. Improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Dust, dirt, pollen, animal dander and other airborne contaminants are pulled into your duct system every time the furnace or air conditioner runs. These contaminates build up inside the duct work over time, and can help make your duct system an ideal breeding ground for mold spores, bacteria, fungus, mildew and other microbes. Family members who suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory ailments as well as children and the elders are especially vulnerable to the effects of indoor air pollutants. The removal of contaminates from the entire HVAC system is recognized by industry experts as the most effective way to eliminate air duct pollutants.



2. Increases Efficiency and Saves You Money

 When dust and dirt build up in your duct work and in the other components of your HVAC system, it causes the entire system to work harder to maintain normal levels of heating and cooling resulting in higher utility bills. You may notice that there isn’t enough air flow coming from your vents due to contaminant buildup. Cleaning your duct work keeps your system running efficiently while using less energy.

save money


3. Longer Equipment Life

Another added bonus of getting a duct cleaning is that your HVAC equipment will have a longer life. HVAC systems are an expensive investment in your home. With a clean and well maintained system, there will be less strain on your HVAC system over time, which will allow for it to run longer before you will need to replace it.

 longer equipment life

 4. Cleaner Indoor Environment and Less Dusting

 Even if you regularly clean your home, your dirty duct work could be working against you. Dust, dirt and debris is circulated through your home via your duct work. Having your duct work professional cleaned will enable you to put down the duster more often as your indoor environment will be naturally more clean.

 less dusting

 5. Removes Unwanted Odors

 Are you noticing any funky smells in your home even after you have cleaned? It’s common for residual smoke, pet odors, and musty or stale odors to be circulated through the home if your duct work is dirty. Duct cleaning helps keep these odors from gathering in the duct work and therefore, being circulated throughout the home. We also recommend adding The Protector, an air purifier, to your system in order to combat these odors and bacteria.

remove odors